Monday, October 12, 2009

Start Spreading the news...

We're leaving today. All thanks to a bunch of chee-eeters...NEW YORK, NEW YORK!!.

A season has to come to an end. I just wish ours could have lasted a few more weeks! I really really wanted to not have the last game in the dome be a loss. Turns out thats how the dome will end, on a stinkin loss to some stupid errogant team. (Do you like all the different words I have been calling "them"? There would be plenty more, but I am trying to keep this blog clean. ;) )

The Twins need to break the curse of running into a brick wall once they get to the playoffs. Remember Oakland? That was ugly. This time, it wasn't too bad. We lost on crap calls and pitchers not being agressive enough...and maybe some offense too. We should be playing tomorrow in our cozy dome because in my book, WE won on Saturday.

I'd just like to say that the Twins gave us an awesome 2009 season. Lets do even BETTER next year!

Note: The blogs from now on will be scarce. I WILL be uploading the pictures of the 9/19 game soon. I WILL be on Twitter blabbing my thoughts on sports/twins/life/etc. So feel free to follow me: MNsliding_into1 :)

See ya next spring everyone!! :) :)

P.S. If Mauer doesn't sign with us, there is something VERY wrong with this organization!!


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