Saturday, July 18, 2009

All Stars once again

First off, sorry for the delay in blogging. Was on vacation this week so there was no internet access. =)

Secondly, the All Star Game (in my opinion) was quite boring this year. Last year was so intense as it went on and on into the late innings. This game was so short and un-eventful. Congrats to Carl Crawford on winning the MVP (although I was hoping a Twin would win it for once). I am also very proud of how our boys did in the game.

*Joe Mauer- RBI double (Whoop Whoop!) and great catching behind the plate as well.
*Joe Nathan-Scorless 8th. Tried to make it interesting by putting 2 men on and Howard at the plate. Got him to strike out on a not-so-great pitch, but hey, at least he didn't allow runs!
*Justin Morneau-2 solidly hit balls (for outs, sadly) and played an awesome 1B (as always!)

It was a surprise that there were no homeruns in the game. I thought for sure that the NL would get one with Howard, Fielder, and Pujols over there.

Speaking of homeruns, Price Fielder did awesome at the Derby on Monday. He hit that ball so far! Since Mauer was out right away (nice try Joe) I was rooting for Prince all the way. :)

We got another win last night (when Detroit lost) so that is a great way to start the second half. (Second half? The first half just flew by! I don't want the season to end) :(

Something I noticed last night is that Nathan always "Brays" when he is nervous. He looks just like a Donkey when he does that. He does it every game too. Silly Nathan!


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