Monday, July 27, 2009

Bye Bye, Kevin Slowey

Heard the news via Anthony LaPanta today. What a shame. We needed him! (No offense to Mr. Swarzak. He is good, but is it good enough to get to the playoffs?)

Speaking of starting pitching, Swarzak showed all of our "veterans" how to do it in Anehiem. Why can't Baker and Liriano seem to Jumpstart their season? We need them more then ever as we are facing our divison rivals so much in these next few months!!

Liriano ----> Leonardo

Tonight is the Suck Sox. Perkins, you are wearing the Navy. Make us proud!

Only about 60 games left. Where has baseball season gone?! :(


Tricia said...

Poor Kevin Slowey. :-( I do hope our other pitchers step up, and step up big.

You're right...where has the season gone? Last night they played their 100th game. Summer is flying by.

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