Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My first Post

This is my blog. (Hoorah)....this blog is dedicated to the Twins. So, I am going to start Twins News right away.

As of today. Twins are 2.5-3. I say 2.5 Because technically, Twins should have won today because Bof Bonser (Bof because he is no longer a big, round, Boof... but a slimmer Bof) clearly did good today. Blackburn also did well and even the umps complimented him.

Way to go Blackburn. You did so much in you 1 inning.
*golf claps*

Bartlett was chipper today as he said he got "pumped up" to play the Twins today.

Next up: Yankees.

Slowey pitching against Yankees.


1 Thing to Twins: KICK YANKEE ASS!
thank you ^-^



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