Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to Minnesota, Joe!

Ah finally. Just what we needed: a third baseman that can hit with power. We have been waiting many years for this, people!

Anyway...Joe Crede? You will like the Twins WAY better than the White Sox. And, now we won't have to worry about you playing against us (and doing very well), we will just worry about your health, now that you are with US! And, thanks for having a small pricetag too ;)

So I heard this news on Fox 9 Last night (even though the Twins website said they were interested in him before). I also heard from Jim Rich that this is a possible lineup/position roster for opening day:

~Span (LF)
~Casilla (2B)
~Mauer (C)
~Morneau (1B)
~Kubel (DH)
~Crede (3B)
~Cuddyer (RF)
~Gomez (CF)

As far as starting piching? Of course I would say Slowey, but there are many decisions that Gardee will have to make.

One other thing Jim Rich Said: "[With the signing of Crede] the Twins are now looked at as the most likely leader of the Central Division"

Now doesn't that just make your day? :)


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