Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sweet Win

This is why I never give up on the Twins.

Holey Shitz Monroe! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! You did you job perfectly (something Casilla could not have done) You are my favorite of now. You should SERIOUSLY give Young some lessons on hitting and fielding. You da man. The best thing about Monroe's was that it was the 9th inning, 2 outs, 2 on, Tying run at the plate, Full count. Wow.

And Morneau, yes, you are important too. You hit the game winner. Nice, very nice. First Pitch Baby.

Ah....and guess who sucked today? Young! (ha! what a surprise!) 2 errors...0 for 3. AHHH! HE is driving me INSANE!!!

Aww, Harris on TV....*faints* He is so...awesome....and dreamy....*faints*

Who's Pissed? HE IS.

Blackburn's Gem....wasted


That was the worst thing ever that could have happend to blackburn. He pitched his ass off, and then Delmy/Nathan....mostly Delmy...just ripped his hard work to pieces. I was so ticked off for Blackburn. I bet that Blackburn wanted to scream and punch Delmy's lights out. I wanted Blackburn to get a shutout so bad!

Delmon ticks me off. Offense: Sucks Defense: was good, now sucks. The only reason they keep playing him is because he is on a Quote "playing streak". But is on a terrible 0 for his last TWELVE at bats. Yuck.

Thank you Cuddyer for getting the game winning hit. If the Twins lost that game, I think i would have probably gone insane.

Please Hernandez, keep the Royals on a losing streak.

Please Gardee, Bench Young.

Please Gomez, keep being speedy.

Please Morneau, when running bases, at least give SOME effort.

Thank you Twins.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kudos to Kubel

Kubes! You rock my world right now. Every time the bases are loaded and you are up, I know that something is going to happen. I called those Grand Slams both times this year. I always think: Yah! It's Kubel! He's gunna hit a Grand Slam! And you always pull thru for me. And to top it all off, it was his Birthday Yesterday too. What a great present for him.

Ah, what a way to start an off day. Knowing that you are in the winning column must make the Twins (and Twins fans) feel great.

And about Saturday's game. Lets just pretend that didn't happen. Lets only think of the Casilla's home run (He has more HR's than cuddy! :O )

Now they are off to face the KC Royals (all except Justin Morneau, who wants to watch Hockey).

And who better to start off the series than Nick Blackburn. :)

And then after KC, We go home to play the Yanks. Who actually aren't doing that great this year. Normaly when i hear: Twins vs. Yankees; I cringe. But I am actually doing quite well. Because WE are gunna WIN.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Satisfied Slowey

Slowey got his first win of the season and It couldn't have come at a better time. Everybody in the American League Central is on a losing streak (Cleveland, 7 game losing streak..ouch) except for our wonderful Twins. We are only 2 games behind Chicago, who lost to LAA, and are 2 games ahead of the Indians.

Lamb scored 4 of the twins' 9 runs. He hit his first homer which I knew was gunna happen soon. (Now all we need is for Young to hit one out). Everyone in the lineup got at least one hit, and many got walked more than once.

Ah, I feel very happy when the Twins win. It gives me a boost of happiness for the day.

I think we should sweep them again, and I think that the LA Angels should beat the crap out of the Chisox.

BOOF. here he comes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

...We just got whipped by Ponson...ouch

Yeah....this is really depressing.

We lost (by alot) to the Rangers, and Sidney Monsoon kicked, our, ASSES.

It was a terrible game to watch expecially during that 7 run inning. Poor Blackburn...

At least we didn't get shutout.

And Today's game wasn't much better. We lost in Xtra innings when Hamiltion hit a homer ( I hate Hamilton with a passion) and we lost in the 10th. Gomez was 4-4 in normal innings, but 0 for 1 in Xtra innings. Livan got shaken quickly in the first when the Rangers scored 4 runs, but we came back (including 3 RBI's for Gomez...that is with a HR).

The Rangers and the Twins had like the same games. First we win in extra innings, then beat the crap out of them...then They beat the crap out of us, and win in extra innings...weird

U.G.H. We need Wins! If we could have won all them, it would have been helpful because Cleveland was playing Chicago.

Know what would make my day? If the Twins swept the Tigers again....


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An awkward, yet awesome, game

It appears that the Interleague games provoked Gardee to have the pitchers bat in the game yesterday. And If he didn't do that, then Bobby Korecky Wouldn't have gotten his first Major League hit...and win for that matter.

Extra inning games are the Best. Expecially when we win.

Bonser pitched a really good game, yet they couldn't maintain a 4-2 lead.

But good ol' Mauer always comes through when you need him. I know that the Twins would win this game because I never give up on them anymore.

And Alexi Casilla hit a 3 run homer, yes, HOMER. That made me nearly faint. He's trying to prove gardee that he can do good...

We need a sweep bad. We gotta knock those Sox off the top...because thats where we belong.

One more thing. Brenden Harris' at bat in the 9th scared the crap outta me. On the radio, Gordon's says: He sets (heart races) and here's the pitch (shudders) STRIKE THREE? NO!!
Me: AHHHHHHH...whew...and then he walked...huzah

Monday, May 19, 2008

A bowl full of sadness

Apparently, on Saturday, the Twins had a big bowl of sadness and pathetic-ness for breakfast. The did TERRIBLE (cept Slowey...I always gotta back him)

Twins, YOU CANNOT LEAVE A MAN AT 3rd WITH NO OUTS/ 1 OUTS. Nearly Every hit was a Extra base hit and we couldn't score. Morneau was the only one that took charge. After Leaving Harris on 2nd with no outs in the first, I was like, ok...we'll get it next time...I was very wrong. We left Cuddy (who by-the-way, almost got an innie...) at third base with no outs. We should have EASILY had won that game. Good Job Slowey. Bullpen: ouuuuchhhhie.

We are back at home which is somewhat comforting. Then again...we are playing the Rangers who, right now, are better than us. Stupid Hamilton...

Another HR was added to who else, Justin More No.

Poor Slowey had another loss, which wouldn't have happend if...I am not even going to go there. He even almost got a single that would have scored a run. And Everette got intentionaly walked...I bet he feels like a Macho Everette now.

Slowey is dreaming for a win....we should give it to him. If we can get him some run sapport...

He's day dreaming for a win....

And...Poor Gomez may be going to the DL. That means that darn Span is going to be called up.

Know what I think of Span?

Nuff' Said.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Ah...a win. Finally...and it's against the runner up world champions! (Well, actually...they Kinda suck...). The first time the Twins francise plays at Coors Field is a win....ah..rejoice

Blackburn NEVER STRUCK OUT ONCE! Very good for someone who never bats. And he even got a single! Huzzah Blackburn! He also pitched very well.

Young went 3-4 (he reached base 4 times). I think it is time for him to hit a homer ay? Morneau says: yus.

Also: Gomez, please suck the wall bang up. We CANNOT afford another person on the DL. We already have: Neshek, Baker (should be playable soon), Punto, and newly added Tolbert.

Poor Tolbert. Gardee said his thumb looked like a balloon and it was black and blue.

*Just somthing that made me laugh*
During last nights game, I was listening to the last few innings on the Radio. It was down to the last out and the ball was hit to deep center. Gomez jumped up to catch it and crashed into the wall. And this is what I heard on the Radio...

Dan Gladden: *calmly* I think he just got the wind knocked out of him, John.

...ugh that spazzy John...

Tonite is our ace vs. a pitcher who is 0-1. I think Livan deserves a 7. Come on Leeevan!

*oh geez i think Halladay is playing today...*

Thursday, May 15, 2008


ok...well, uh...that was super.


I felt so good coming into these games....but now I feel worse going into the next few games vs. the Runner Ups (i.e. the Colorado Rockies)

We WERE in the lead of the AL by 3 games...and now we're down to Cleveland by 1.5 and only .5 ahead of Chicago.

I get very fusterated when they do this kinda stuff....

Dear Gomez, Casilla, and Lamb:
You seriously need to STOP striking out. Good Golly Gosh...on Wednesday, you guys were HORRENDOUS. 2 strike outs each? Sad. Very Sad. You guys should take lessons from Tolbert! ;)

Also: Happy (27th) Birthday to Justin Ernest Morneau. For his birthday present, he added an RBI to his collection. He now has 32. He keeps them in a box under his bed...

Twins: PLEESE get back on the top of the ALC. Pah-Leeeez!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Perfect Slowey day ruined.

Ahh Slowey. I am deeply saddened by the lack of run sapport for you. (Kubel, Morneau, Gomez: you are off the hook this time) Twins won the first place ALE team, and they can't even win the ALE's LAST place team! (WTF!?) It's ok Slowey... In my mind, you did great always ;)

Don't be fooled on Slowey's record (0-3) Because he is actually doing good...and the Twins just don't like giving him run sapport thats DON'T DARE think it.

Kudos to: Kubel (solo HR) (5) (oh no Morneau! He's almost caught up to you!!), Gomez: (solo HR) (3), and Morneau ( Triple...aka almost HR..)...and Slowey for doing awe-sum

We have GOT to win tonite (ha! no problem, we gotz da BOF on the mound!) Maybe Morneau will hit a am not jinxin' no-bodee...

C'mon twins...please don't let stupid Cleveland take of 1st place...PLEASE!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Feels like a Sweep to me.

Ok, so we lost one of four games therfore not sweeping the Red Socks. But Holy Goloshes. Taking 3 of 4 from the Champions? That feels great.

Yesterday, Craig Monroe kept swingin' a hot bat. With 2 homers Sunday, and 2 RBI's Monday, HE is telling Gardee to keep him in the lineup. (This makes Kubel Cry...and hit people)

But Lamb's luck stopped Dead. 3 Double plays ( was Delmy's fault) but still.

And sad day for Gomez. He got picked off, therefor getting a 'Caught Stealing'. he is now 16-3 on stolen bases :(

But tonite, my Favvvvorettest pitcher is pitching: *Kevin Slowey!!*

Wow, if we just had that Punto back...

Tonite's line-up vs. the Jays is nearly perfect:

Gomez=Harris=Mauer=Morneau=Cuddyer=Monroe=Young=Lamb=*enter Punto here*Everett
...and of course, Slowey

How perfect.

We gotta win these guys...expecially Shannon Stewart...dun dun dunnnn

Can I get a 21-17??

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Twins Tidbits

Ok, Right now, I am in amazement because Adam Everette hit a 2 run HR against Wakefield.

And Know what jerks my chain? (which favors teams like Yankee's and Boston) said in an article: "Wakefield is 13-4 against Minny"

Minny? MINNY? WHAT?!?!? That is the GAYEST name for us I have ever seen in mah LIFE. is stupid...just downright gay.

Anyway, so the game right now is 7-4....and it WAS 7-1...but nooo (blackburn...u.g.h. man)

So, Wakefield had to leave in the 3rd. Ha Ha. *stupid*

I hope that Blackburn can maintain a lead and NOT HIT 2 BATTERS IN A ROW. thank you.

P.S. Mauer...your average is more I-lead-the-AL-in-batting-AVG. man...HIT THE BALL (like...over the fence for once)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

bah, bah, Mike Lamb. Have you any hits?

Yes indeedily doo.

Mike Lamb (who wasn't even sapposed to be playing...) got the winning hit to lead the Twins over the Red Sox 7-6. Whooo Lamby! *bah*

Just for a note, I DID NOT give up on the Twins the whole game. After being at the Twins vs. Tigers game where they came back from 6, I will never give up on them again.

Now, I can know we won't get swept. huzzah~

Poor Punto wants to play so bad...but he hurts, like heartburn...

It's ok Boof Bonser. I know that you feel like crap since you give up 6 runs per game...but thats what the Twins offense it for! :)

And Tolbert, without you, Young would have never scored! So claps for you.

***Important Twins News***
We most likely saw the last of Neshek Thursday. He tore a legament in his elbow and therapy is between 3-4 months...which equals the entire season. Dang. He was a great threat because he intiminates so many peoples.

~Today is Dice-K (5-0) vs. Perkins (0-0)

You know, Morneau IS due for a homer here....*cough*

Go get em' Twins.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Gomez

OMGZ! You do not know how happy I felt when I opened the sports section this morning to relize that you had hit for the cycle? VERY HAPPY. I mean, I was thinking after you hit your triple and Homerun that maybe, just maybe you were gunna hit the cycle...and you did! First time since 1986 Baybee!! Yayaa Gomezzz! **P.S. you know, you don't have to run the bases like a wildman when you get a homer... ;)

Also: Who drove in [nearly] all the runs last night? (Are you thinking Morneau? Well, your WRONG) it was punto, yes, PUNTO. You know, Mr. I-sucked-butt-in-2007-but-am-really-awesome-this-year-so-put-me-in-the-starting-lineup-plz? Yeah. My Jaw dropped to the floor when I read this. more time: P-U-N-T-O batted in 5 runs.

And Livan, who deserve lots of credit too. If it wasn't for stupid Chowmein Dye, you would have gotten a shutout. Nice pitching. 5-1? Not too bad, better than all the other Twins pitchers...

And Today's game...aka SLOWEY'S GAME was at freakin' 1:05...which is the time I am in perfect. *rolls eyes* I sat there all through class wanting to run home to see how the game ended up...

Annnd, they lost. *bubble bursted*

But it wasn't technically Slowey's fault. He didn't do that bad...I mean, he's been gone for a month and 4 GIVE HIM A BREAK JEEZ! *sobs*

Okay, so today we lost 6-2...and you can't complain i guess...the Twins just used up all their runs yesterday. we are 1 game over Chicago...and guess who's coming to the Dome?

Red Sox.

Ohhh great.

Dear Twins:

Love Me ^-^

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well, That was embarassing...

See, this is what offdays do to Twins.

The slack off for 1 day, and they get CREAMED (1 run, one hit) by a team who has lost 6 in a row and we've won does this work?

At least we got one hit...Thank you Mauer...thank you. (by doing this, Mauer's average jumped .007 points!) I didn't care about the score in the 7th inning on, I just wanted a hit...and thank god we got the 9th inning.

Well, Lets just win tomorrow and everything will be back to normal...sorta.

It appears to be true that Slowey is coming back on Thursday...but with that, Baker has been moved to the DL with a strained groin muscle...ouch. So we have: Hernandez, Boof, Blackburn, and Slowey....who's gunna be number 5? Glen Perkins. (oh joy *rolls eyes*) I don' think they like Liriano anymore...

Stupid Sox....and expecially Jermain Dye...It sounds like Chowmein Dye....yuck.

Obviously I am very bored

Yes, Its a picture of Gomez with the Go-Go' I said..I am bored out of my mind...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Redmond!

These off days K-Y-L me.

So Redmond gets a day off for his birthday (like he needs one, he never plays anywayz)

***Important Twins News***

Word on the street (aka
Kayla) says that Slowey may be coming back Thursday...HUZZAAAHH!

I cant wait to see him pitch again...its been too long...

(random letter)

Hey Harris,

Your awesome.

Love, Me.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Todays game was awesome....because I was there

My first live twins game of 2008 was pretty spectacular.

Wow, I almost cried for boof and myself in the first inning. I mean EVERYBODY in Detroits Lineup (cept 1) had a hit for the Tigers in the first cycle of everyone...and then the Twins came in and did nothing...till the 4th inning.

At first, I was fine that we had 1 run...I just thought "well, at least we can't be shut out..."

Punto's little double/triple thing really changed my mind and at that point...I knew we were gunna win.

And, then good ol' Mauer, who always pulls through, got the game leading single.


It was even more awesome because today was Gardenhire bobble head day. Unfortunatly, Gardee wasn't there (mucho condolenses Gardee, mucho, mucho condolenses...) But hey, who says Ulliger is doing bad? He's gotten the Twins a sweep. I am sure Gardee is very proud.

In honor of Nathan making a super save, I bought a Nathan jersey in memory of him. *randomly admires Gardee bobblehead*

BTW, the last game (That Kick ass Bass got the win of) was very awesome. I thought that when Ordoniez tied the game, it was going to be a very close game....wrong i was.

In that game, Brenden Harris hit a homerun, so he is now in 3rd place in the Twins HR club.

Random thoughts:
~Seeing Brenden Harris play up close makes me love him even more...
~Happy Birthday Matt Tolbert AND **KEVIN SLOWEY**

**Today, I also got to see Kubel's new baby in it's stroller being pushed by Mr. Kubel himself.

Ah, Great game...

When is Slowey coming back?

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